Links and Resources

Diversity in Academia

The Faculty of Medical Sciences Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team:

Dr Ambika Kamath has an excellent collection of articles and blogposts on diversity in academia:

A comprehensive set of resources and solutions for promoting diversity in academia:

Science and the Arts

My theatre-science collaborators:

A monthly magazine on Sci-Art:

Jobs, Fellowships and Grants

More about the BBSRC David Phillips fellowships:

Dr Dieter Lukas has a very useful compilation of fellowship and job resources along with a range of other resources:

Super advice about how to turn your PhD into a job:

A collection of grant applications, both successful and unsuccessful ones:

Statistics and Data Visualization

A great introduction to statistical modelling in R by Prof Daniel Nettle:

Advice and examples for data visualisation:

Where to start when generating figures using R:


Institute for Advanced Studies, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. If you are an early career researcher in the life sciences, apply to their College for Life Sciences Fellowship!:

Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science: