Email: vivek.nityananda [at sign]

Address: Vivek Nityananda, Behavioural Science and Psychology Theme, Biosciences Institute, Henry Wellcome Building, Newcastle University, Framlington Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK NE2 4HH

NEWS: I’m organizing a free online symposium bringing researchers in bee cognition and agriculture together on September 8-9 2022. More details, including a link to register here: Bee Cognition and Agriculture┬áSymposium

I’m a BBSRC David Phillips Fellow at the Centre for Behaviour and Evolution and the Biosciences Institute at Newcastle University.

I research how ecology and evolutionary history influence cognition and sensory behaviour.

I use insights from psychology and neuroscience to design experiments exploring the diversity of cognitive and sensory behaviours in animals. Comparing animals as diverse as insects and humans reveals how animals are uniquely adapted to their biology and ecology. You can read more about my research projects here.